There are rumors that Erin Moriarty has had plastic surgery, but there's no confirmation  from her

Speculation: Fans and some media outlets have speculated about procedures like rhinoplasty (nose job) and fillers based on comparisons of her photos.

No confirmation: Erin Moriarty herself hasn't addressed the rumors.

Natural changes: People's appearances can change naturally over time due to weight loss, aging, or even hairstyle.

There have been rumors swirling about Erin Moriarty having plastic surgery, particularly a nose job, since her rise to fame on The Boys.  However, there is no confirmation from Erin Moriarty herself, and many sources point out that changes in appearance can be due to weight loss, aging, hairstyle and makeup choices

The Counterarguments Erin Moriarty herself has never addressed the speculation. It's important to remember that celebrities age and their appearances evolve naturally. Weight loss, maturing features, and even hairstyle changes can drastically alter how someone looks in photographs.  Furthermore, the pressure on actresses in Hollywood to maintain a certain appearance is immense. Focusing solely on Erin's looks detracts from her accomplishments as an actress.

Truth or Tabloid Fodder? Ultimately, there's no way to know for sure whether Erin Moriarty has undergone any cosmetic procedures. It's a private matter, and speculation can be unkind.  Perhaps the true takeaway is that Erin Moriarty is a talented actress deserving of attention for her work, not just her physical appearance.